our second Course

I want you to teach your Guitar to sing.

The Tune is in the Chord

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There is a unique Tune in almost everyone. If you can sing,that's great. But if you can't then that song my stay locked in you and never be heard. The Piano, Banjo and Guitar are great accompaniment instruments for people who can sing. But if you are not really a singer?





Introduction Learning the Major Pentatonics or the scales on your guitar.






Musicians pull 'Ear Memory" & "Muscle Memory" together with "Pattern Memory" 





The 3 P's Practice, Practice, Practice. For success please commit to 1 hour/day. 

1 question




C Major Pentatonic 2nd Position 





Assignment 2 Combine C Ma0jor pentatonic position 1 and position 2. 0

4 questions




C Major Pentatonic in the 3rd Position.






3 questions




C Major Pentatonic 4th and 5th Position.





The Last two pentatonics

3 questions




Let's now put together what we have done so far.






Chord Progression


1 Lecture04:03





Reading Guitar Tab


1 Lecture04:37




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