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about Me.

My Story

I have played the Guitar since I was 10. It is a part of me. In my younger days I was with The Skyliners. Just four of us doing the club and Pub scene in the North of England. Good fun and as you can imagine lots of 50/60 tunes, Just before the fab five! I play: Music to Chill & Relax to..


To make my music I use a fat sound with plenty of resonance and color from my Gretsch, and an intoxicating smooth clean sound from my Gibson Les Paul, sometimes combined with vibes from my Roland Gr Synth and the unmistakable sound from 1960's version Fender Strat. I love to interpret rhythm and timing to suite my ear and mood. Music with soul is what it is about for me. Seemingly always better live than recorded. The audience makes the difference.


There are so many great guitarist with a lovely mellowed out sound.that are my inspiration.


You can find me playing in the Matakana area at least one day most weekends.


Tunes that are popular are:  

  • "Summertime Blues" my grand daughter's favorite.
  • "Puhoi River Blues" the first and probably most popular blues that I have written.
  • "Hey Jude" played jazz style.
  • "Yesterday" played moody style.
  • Frankie and Johnny Blues
  • "While my guitar gently weeps"
  • "The Wedding Song", "Tea for Two", and "Did you ever in Swing"
  • "Fly me to the moon", "I'm in the mood for love" Played Romantic Swing Blues style
  • Recently added: "Lala", "Before You Accuse Me", and "Stairway to heaven". Played Romantic Blues style.
  • And in the last few of weeks, the theme from "The Deer Hunter", "Moon River", "Old Friends", and "Perfidia".

In addition to The Puhoi River Blues I have also written blues inspired by some of the other great places: in the region that I live in The Pottery Blues, Matakana Melody and Milling around at the brewery(not finished).


I carry about 40 tunes in my head so. something for most every occasion.


I also like to experiment with sound and tempo. I use a Roland synth with my Les Paul,  a Looper to add background sound, and a compression/sustain pedal for ambiance. My Amp is a VOX of course.  I am not a fan of a noisy and distorted sound, but it is nice sometimes to play with a simulated string orchestra. or to have a base bottom line going in the background.


As far as style goes, I rarely use a plectrum these days. I have developed a finger style and pick the tune out of the chord that I am playing.


I don't read music, I do use Tab. and I am lucky to have a a very good ear, a good sense of rhythm, and a good pattern memory for chords. In the last two

years it has been my privilege to play at the Puhoi Market, The Waikato Home & Garden Show, a number of private parties and of course The Pottery Cafe were I have played regularly for the last 2 and a half years. As there has bee a recent change of ownership I am no longer playing regularly at the Pottery Cafe and am now free to play at other Matakana venues. I will ensure as much as I can to keep my local 200+ fans informed as to where I am playing You will find here on this site, various renditions of the tunes that I play. Please download them every little helps.  They are also available on my other website

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